At Five Brothers, we believe furniture is an expression of personal style. And it doesn't get any more personal than in the bedroom. That's why we're passionate about producing premium-quality bedroom furnishings that bring unique character to indoor living spaces and fresh style to bedrooms everywhere. We specialize in modern platform beds with upholstered finishes that pair classic detailing with contemporary style. Our talented in-house design team creates unique platform beds with on-trend looks and all-night comfort top of mind, so your first Five Brothers bed is your last. You can rest easy knowing our high-end upholstered headboards and bed frames bring functional elegance into your home, all with a fresh, modern twist we know you'll love night in and night out.

We really are five brothers. And we really are experts in crafting quality bedroom furniture that delivers true I-never-want-to-leave-this-bed comfort that'll have you hitting snooze. With an established reputation for designing and manufacturing stylish pieces right here in Canada, we're focused on exceptional build quality and the use of superior materials. We're a trusted partner to some of the largest retailers in North America, and we strive to provide our fellow sleep-loving retailers and customers beautiful beds – bed that boast quality craftsmanship and versatile style to make an oasis out of even the most basic of bedrooms. Using the finest fabrics, metals, woods, and high-density foams, our upholstered platform beds deliver not only style, but incredible comfort – leaving you with a better night's sleep that lasts. No matter what size, style or colour you're looking for, we have a premium bed to match.

Our Canadian-made platform beds are so comfortable you'll never want to get out. So go ahead, hit that snooze button. We won't judge you for it.

Five Brother

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