Brassex Inc. Founded in 1986 by the late Gagan Nijhawan, Brassex Inc. is a wholly Canadian-owned and operated furniture supplier passionate about distributing beautiful, well-made home furnishings designed to last. Our founder's vision over 35 years ago placed the values of honesty, integrity and determination at the forefront of the company, and these values have driven a small, family-run business into what it is today: a recognized market leader in home and office furnishings, and a trusted furniture supplier to some of the largest Fortune 500 retail chains across Canada and the United States. As a trade-only company, we service retailers with e-commerce platforms and storefronts – retailers who are proud to highlight our products in their stores.

With cutting-edge business and distribution systems, real-time inventory and online stock allocation capabilities, automatic order acknowledgements and shipping notifications, and fully EDI-capable technologies, we're able to provide the highest level of customer service satisfaction and efficiency to our retail partners. We treat our ecosystem of retailers, sales representatives and staff as family, just as our late founder would have wanted us to. This ecosystem has allowed us to expand our family of brands to include Five Brothers and Cicely Sleep, two extensions that are focused on the same quality, service and design integrity that Brassex was founded on.

From exceptional living room, bedroom and kitchen furniture to bookcases, office chairs and more, we supply top-quality furnishings that are designed to 'wow' your customers. See why we're known as The Furniture People. Visit our Meet Our Team page or reach out to info@brassexinc.com for more information.

Interested in joining the Brassex family? We offer competitive salaries and benefits packages, and always encourage vibrant, energetic and enthusiastic individuals to join the team. Candidates are invited to send resumes and personal statements to careers@brassexinc.com.

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